Originally from Jasper, Indiana, Julia Sermersheim has a Bachelors and two Masters degrees in Education. She spent her teaching career with hearing impaired students who required a great deal of creative energy when she needed to explain unknown concepts. She has completed many classes in textiles and fiber manipulation.

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Cloth ….. Textiles……Fabric
Light ….Space ….. Design

Challenges to me as an artist:

1. What is the total area in question?
2. What are the salient features?
3. What are the constraints?
4. What peripheral and inconsequential elements can be eliminated from consideration?
5. What are the goals for this specific space?
6. How can fiber/textiles be incorporated into this area?
7. What designs, with textiles, will enhance this space?

When these challenges have been addressed the artist can begin the extremely complicated conceptual process culminating in a work of art, an externalized work of the mind. What an exhilerating process! I find it extremely gratifying at times and other times very exasperating…but never boring.

Once a year I get out Peter London’s book “No More Secondhand Art.” Great book! He says that if we are to enjoy the “movie” ( this creative process) we must “look” at things from various angles, scan things for salient features, stop speaking and listen. By changing our angle of thought and vision we will be allowed to see the whole feature.

Let the movie begin!

Julia Sermersheim